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Punnet Chalet Net

Punnet chalet net is produced with different colours and size. The product length varies as 1000meters,1500 meters or 2000 meters rolls. The mesh size is 3x4mm.The width of the nets are varies in dimensions of 20 cm and 100 cm. The product diameter ranges changes from 120mm to 500 mm. The net weight is between 6g and 15g.

What Are The Advantages Of Punnet Chalet Net?

First of all, these nets are useful and durable products. Then let’s talk about the advantages of punnet chalet net :

  • You can pack fruits, vegetables and dried fruits.
  • The products are visible to the consumers in these nets.
  • Chalet nets can be used in automatic packaging machines. These nets can be used in the packaging of toys and other such materials.
  • According to your request nets are produced as one side sealed welded closed.
  • You can use nets to prevent the vegetables and fruits from rotting and bugs. For example you can put lemon, kiwi, potato, apple, onion in these type nets.
  • According to the nets pore structure, air got into the food. Therefore, the fruits and vegetables remain fresh and dry in these nets.
  • The nets can be cut in the lengths desired by the companies and the users. In addition, the nets can be made in the colour of the customers’ request.
  • Punnet chalet net , which is packed in a way that keeps food safe, is made in the length that you want based on your request.
  • These nets are very suitable packaging for dry foods.
  • Your fruits and vegetables must be keep well so they don’t get damaged on the way to your kitchens. Because chalet nets have structure’s flexibility.

Where Is Extruded Plastic Net Used?

Most of the time, extruded plastic net is used to wrap and package fruits, vegetables, and dry foods. This method is the least expensive and best for foods at the same time. Air got into the food because the nets mesh structures. So, the time it takes to eat the vegetables and fruits get longer.

Extruded plastic net also is used to package fast-moving consumer goods. It is also used in industrial materials, which is different from this sector. Extruded plastic net is the best choice for building materials used inside, as well as for protecting, shipping, and packaging industrial materials. At the same time, it is used for more than just packaging. It is also used to build roads, infrastructure, and safety signs.

In short, punnet chalet net is a good way to package your foods because it is not made from something that is bad for health. And these healthy nets are easy to use. Because of that people like using chalet nets.

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